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Upon registering, 25% of the camp tuition and other related convenience fees are non-refundable. The remaining portion of camp tuition can be refunded if requested one month prior to the original date of camp, using the local time of the camp for official time. (Example: A November 15th camp will have a refund deadline of October 15th). Since space is limited, no refunds will be given after this date for any reason. After the refund deadline, a full camp credit will be held for the registered player and no cash refunds will be given. At no point, will more than 75% of the camp tuition be refunded.

You must use the "Contact Us" link on the camp's website to request a refund. You will receive a confirmation of your refund request within 1-2 business days. Refunds will only be issued back to the card used to register within two (2) weeks of the request being sent and confirmed. For security purposes, cash refunds will not be issued for credit/debit card or other electronic transactions. Refunds will appear on your statement as a credit from "College Coaches Showcase Camps". Camp tuition can possibly be transferred (earliest refund date applies) to a different College Coaches Showcase Camp event if space is available. There is no guarantee as to the proximity of other sessions of the College Coaches Showcase Camp.

The coaches and instructors in attendance at the camp do not have any discretion when it comes to determining refunds. Please do not attempt to contact any of the coaches in attendance regarding refunds or insurance claims. A coach’s attendance is confirmed, in writing, before their school is announced on the website. Although it rarely happens, a coach may cancel their attendance beyond the control of the College Coaches Showcase Camp. A coach's lack of attendance is not grounds for any type of refund.


On occasion inclement weather may occur on the camp date, during the camp, immediately after the camp or prior to the camp. Every effort will be made to hold the camp regardless of inclement weather. Should the camp be impossible to hold then full camp credit will be extended to future College Coaches Showcase Camp events either later that academic year or in future years. Inclement weather is not grounds for a refund. Should inclement weather, or any other event outside of the control of the directors and/or host, change the schedule prior to the day's session beginning then an update will be sent through email, text message (if possible) and updated on the camp website. Please check the camp website before leaving for camp even if the weather forecast looks good.

Should inclement weather, or any other event beyond the control of the directors and/or host, occur during camp which doesn't allow the day's activities to continue then it is the responsibility of the players parents/guardians to pick up their child(ren) immediately. Any major changes to the day's schedule will be updated through email, text message (if possible) and on the camp website.

If you have any questions about the refund policy, please use the "Contact Us"  link on this page.